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The Organization

INMAA for Development (INMAA) is a Non Governmental Organization, founded in 2006 and was registered first with Kirkuk Government authorities on 24 June 2008 and then with the Directorate of NGOs of the General Secretariat for the Council of Ministers, Baghdad, Iraq on 5 October 2009. The organization is based at and working mainly in Kirkuk Governorate. It is a civil society organization that implements different programs at grassroots level aimed at attaining sustainable development.

INMAA‟s main areas of interest are poverty
alleviation and empowering the marginalized, deprived, oppressed and neglected communities through Micro Finance & Enterprise Development Facility, Community Physical Infrastructure, Health & Education, Capacity Building, Human and Women Rights and Advocacy. INMAA was established by its co-founders having good understanding of the issues of the communities in their geographical areas and having a vision to transform the society through their work in the above mentioned work areas. Immediately after it‟s inception, INMAA has worked for providing water and sanitation facilities to 200 Kurdish IDP returnees and worked for their settlements in their old areas. After it‟s registration with local authorities in Kirkuk, it continued to work in collaboration with another NGO named "Civilization Development Organization" and achieved the following;

1. INMAA Organization has Funded by USAID Program IRAQ ACCESS TO JUSTICE PROGRAM under implementing the Project (Returnees and IDP has access to justice in Kirkuk Province ) from Nov.2012- Dec.31,2014

2. Inmaa Organization has Funded by UNAMI Amman on the Quick Impact Project entitled (Students in Kirkuk work for Peace) in 2013 ,The Project under process of starting implementation.

3. INMAA Organization will Fund by REGIONAL PARTNERSHIP on CULTURE & DEVELOMENT. By USAID/MIDDLEEAST. On Researching Project through partinarshipng with Academy for International Development – Middle East. The project will be implement in Iraq and Amman. This project under implementation .

4. INMAA organization has Funded bye Relief International in a project about( Women Access to Justice )started at First of June till End of March .The project through 3 main activities present legal aid and provide the essential needs to detainee women whom are in kirkuk transitional prison and through an awareness course increase the awareness of the prison staff about the prison‟s rights.

5. INMAA organization has implementing project ( Improve Human Right Situation Through UPR awareness )in Kirkuk Governorate-City Centre. For 3 month will be End in Dec.22,2010. And the project funded by UNOPS.

6. INMAA organization has implemented project ( Legal Defense Centre : under the auspices of project " Programme for the Protection of Detainees and Torture Victims ( PPDT ) " )implemented between 15 August and 30 November 2011 in the Kirkuk Governorate. The project funded by UNOPS.

7. INMAA organization has implemented project ( national reconciliation through Constitution Review and National Dialogue in Iraq ) funded by UNOPS implemented the project was for 5 month started from March 2010 till Augst 20. As partner with CDO org.

8. INMAA ORGANIZATION has implemented project (Improve the Building of a School to Protect Health and Education of The Returnee and IDP students) implemented between October First 2011 and Jan,18.2012 . the project funded by UNHCR .

9. In 2008 INMAA organization participated in the CDO‟s program of "Integrated Coexistence Program for Northern Iraq" Funded by UNOPS . One of its representatives attended the TOT course and then INMAA implemented 4 workshops for youth and women on peace and coexistence. INMAA also participated in the program by hanging 500 posters which aimed to encourage people to live in peace.

INMAA for Development 3

The organization was also registered with the Federal Govt. of Iraq in Baghdad in 2009. Since then we are working hard to strengthen our capacity to deliver. The recent arrival of an expatriate CSO activist from Pakistan on board with INMAA has further fired our ambitions and we are now fully geared to take up the projects in the sectors mentioned above. With his help we plan to engage more volunteers and junior professionals to enhance their capacity during the coming months and years and have ambition to launch the country‟s first Microfinance Program. We are however, still continuing to achieve the social objectives at our own and look forward to financial resources to be able to play our role in the establishment of the empowered society in Kirkuk and later in other parts of Iraq.

Our Vision

"A fully empowered society having social justice, economic strength and political freedom and allowing its individuals to avail their potential for the societal benefits on equal basis"


"Empower the marginalized communities and strive for a developed society having social justice, economic strength and political freedom and believing in equality, peace and tolerance"

Organizational Objectives

Help reduce unemployment and alleviate poverty by exploiting appropriate resources and employing appropriate mechanisms for promotion of economic activities

 Increase the access of the poor communities to better health and education facilities

 Improve the human and technical capabilities of the poor through certain capacity building initiatives

 Help women development through the provision of opportunities for them to participate in the process of development

 Develop an institutional infrastructure to infuse and promote sustainable participatory approach and shared vision at grassroots level

 Protect environment and promote cleaner and greener Iraq

Support & Partner Organizations

Civilization Development Organization, Iraq

INMAA Current Programs

INMAA is preparing the following programs for implementation in Kirkuk Governorate

 Microfinance Program

 Establishment of a Women Centre in Kirkuk

 Drinking Water and Sanitation for Schools in Kirkuk

 Advocacy, Social Mobilization & Networking

INMAA for Development 4

Programs’ Execution Methodologies

INMAA is a community based organization and working for the economic uplift of the marginalized communities in all areas of Kirkuk Governorate. It believes that social mobilization and participatory approach are the ways to bring about social and economic change in the society. Hence INMAA ensures effective and practical social mobilization and participatory approach in above mentioned community strengthening programs.

INMAA program implementation methodology is as under:

 Effective Programmatic Planning Mechanism

 Area Identification

 Baseline Survey, Feasibilities, Prioritization of Problems ,situational analysis & action plans

 Meeting with the Communities

 CO/Group Formation

 Implementation/Execution of Programs/Projects

 Capacity Building

 Monitoring, Evaluation & Research

 Effective Daily Reporting Mechanism

 Effective Programmatic Documentation

 Internal Audit

 Management Information System (to be developed)

INMAA Office and Staff:

INMAA is currently housed in a rented house having a reception and four rooms and a hall for training/meetings in the city centre of Kirkuk. The office has office furniture, two laptop computers and a photocopier bought with the financial resources of the founders of the organization. Currently a core staff consisting of an expatriate consultant (on voluntary basis), the General Director and her Deputy General Director and an Accountant is working with the organization. In addition an Office Assistant, an office boy and a guard are also working for INMAA. All office expenses are being met by the core staff except for the program activities which were supported by the partner NGO named CDO.

Below are the brief profiles of the core staff of INMAA;

Syed Ahmed Shah - Expatriate Voluntary Consultant;

Syed Shah is a Development Sector Professional with a background in Statistics, Sustainable Economic Development, Private Sector Development and Poverty Reduction. His areas of interest are micro sector development, investment promotion, poverty alleviation, generation of opportunities for income generation, improvements in health and hygiene awareness and facilities and the education facilities. Mr. Shah has twenty-nine years of versatile professional experience and has worked with various public sector organizations in Pakistan, international organizations in Pakistan and Iraq, Bangladesh and Italy and Civil Society Organizations in Pakistan. While working with NGO in Pakistan, he had supported the programs in rural micro-finance, health care facility establishment and institution of education facilities in rural areas of Sheikhupura, Pakistan. He has also been responsible for the disbursement and proper utilization of grants extended to the agribusiness enterprises in Pakistan. Syed also has good understanding of the finance/budgeting, management, (general and human resources), procurement, contracts, monitoring and reporting and currently is utilizing his abilities in preparation of innovative programs for implementation by INMAA for the benefit of communities in their area of operation. INMAA for Development 5

Asma al Ameen – General Director-Project Manager INMAA;

Asmaa occupied several position during his work with WFP she worked as verifier, observation/ Data Analeses Officer her duties was Interviewed families to cross-check family data information, Processed and entered „amily returned‟information using FoxPro software, Spot-checked locations for the SCR 986 Food Distribution. Ms Asmaa has occupied as Personal /Admin /Data Entry Officer in FAO Her duties was Manage all administrative functions including filing, generating reports and controlling administration petty cash and budget, Controlled the filing system for the registry, Ms Asmaa has Engineering background in civil work she worked as Engineering Coordinator in ACDI/VOCA The Community Action Program (CAP) in Iraq fosters direct citizens’ participation in the rehabilitation of their communities to address local needs. Responsible for the seven governorates north of Baghdad, ACDI/VOCA empowers citizens to form local community groups to identify and prioritize the needs of their communities and then develop the appropriate projects, Later on she joined the IRD As Program Coordinator The I&ES Program Coordinator works directly with the I&ES Team Leader to ensure effective operation and integration of all I&ES department activities, including development of proper bills of quantity and scopes of work, tracking and monitoring all I&ES projects, and development of weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports for submission to the Program Office Director. The I&ES Program Coordinator is required to meet regularly with local and provincial level Directorates General as a liaison on all CSP Kirkuk I&ES projects. The I&ES Program Coordinator is also responsible for interfacing with the CSP Kirkuk Business Development and Employment Generation and Youth sectors to create linkages with all CSP Kikuk activities, such as apprenticeships and on-the-job training for youth and vocational training graduates on I&ES projects. The I&ES Program Coordinator is expected to take initiative to accomplish day to day tasks, identify means for improving project development and implementation, and is an integral team member of the CSP Kirkuk program .

Hewa Abdul Qadir –Deputy Director

Education: Bachelor Degree: Geological science / Salahaddin university – Erbil – Iraq / 1988.

1991 – 1996 – Site Engineer (field geologist) in ADHAIM DAM Construction

1996 -2000 Private sector as contractor and site engineer of about 20 projects, in Kirkuk and rounds –

2000 – 2003 Constructed private contracting Company in partnership with two business men , implemented 18 projects with UN Organization in Kurdistan, like ( UUNCEF , FAO , UN DP , WHO , ITU , ……)

Within this period made Connections with NGO‟

2003 – Today :- First company participated in kirkuk rehabilitations with KBR, Parsons , Washington group , ECCI , JCC , US Army , VOCA , IRD .

Participated in organizing many offices to employ work less people, Training many groups on small business development,

Participated in many seminars & work shops about the corruptions , Governance , Transparency

Participated in writing proposals about Conflict mitigation, Corruption, dispassion and developing the syndicates & unions.

Participating in (banking system and effects on general financial policy) conference which arranged by RTI in sulaimanya.

Participated in (Electricity and power) conference in Iraq /sulaimanya

Participated in peace building conference in Kirkuk.

Participated with PRT in arranging many programs in developing the agriculture sector especially poultry projects.

Preparing a study about the administrative corruption in Iraq.

Preparing a report on the investment opportunities in Kirkuk showing suggestion to create a suitable environment for investing in Kirkuk.

Preparing a report on (creating job opportunities is the best way to create the peace in Kirkuk.

Now I‟ (Kirkuk business center) s director.

Global marketing Consultant‟ technical advisor which is the unique single Office in Iraq - kirkuk and the core office is in Washington .


1- Small business development, marketing, feasibility study writing to VOCA\ACDI board (TOT).according to the contract between KBC and ACDI\VOCA.

2-Training thiqar investment committee staff on investment opportunities project analyses. According to the contract between KBC and thiqar investment committee. INMAA for Development 6

3-Training the small business owners, according to the contract with INSAN Society organization (capacity building).

4-Training the small business owners, according to the contract between KBC and DWBI.

5- T raining many private companies staff in capacity building and how to participate in bids.

6- Training new unemployed graduated students for six months to get experience in administration and capacity building in coordination with IRD-Kirkuk.

Mohamad Hassan Mustafa –Project Managment ;

Mohammed Mustafa occupied several positions during his work with UN World Food Programme. He worked as a food distribution observer under MOU signed between UN and GOI of Oil for Food. Under the same Programme Mr. Mustafa worked on analyzing weekly collected data by International Observers and to create the required weekly, Monthly and quarterly reports. WFP implemented several programmes with many Iraqi Ministries post 2003. Mr. Mustafa occupied North Area Coordinator position to control and supervise WFP programmes in six northern governorates.

Mr. Mustafa has academic background in Computer science, depend on that, he worked as Monitoring & Evaluation and reporting OIC of WFP in Iraq for 2008-2009. He has excellent experience in designing Databases using Microsoft Access. He designed many M&E databases to control several joint WFP and GOI programmers particularly with COSIT/ Ministry of Planning, Education, Health and Displaced and Migration ministries.

Fouad Salihi - Coordinator;

Mr. Fouad participated 3 time with in Strengthening the skills of civil society organizations in the writing of reports in the field of human rights with UNOPS, Also he participated with Strategic plan training with International for M&E organization in Erbil.

Wafaa Hassan – Trainer

Ms. Wafaa participated 3 time with in Strengthening the skills of civil society organizations in the writing of reports in the field of human rights with UNOPS – Erbil .

Also he did participated with the shadow reporting training of Human Rights, Also she did participated on Gender Balance Training in Erbil with NDI org.

Khalid Atta Khalid – Consultant

First: General Information: Full name: Khaled Khaled Ata Birth date 29/04/1983, Location: Kirkuk, Gender: Male Certificate courses: Bachelor in Law / University of Kirkuk, Current Occupation: Lawyer and member of the Bar Association Profile Title: Republic of Iraq / Kirkuk / Center City / locality to the denominator Personal Telephone: 009647701310593009647701310593, the alternative phone: 07507697700 E-mail: [email protected], Nationality: Iraqi Passport number: 2409107 G Date and place of passport issuance: 21/10/2008, Baghdad - Iraq, the effective date of passport: 20/10/2016 II: Information on training in the field of human rights, leadership and combat corruption: A. Participating in local training sessions (training session for trainers / s) TOT: 1. Training session for trainers / s (TOT) in the (anti-corruption and financial) to implement the Programme of Iraqi civil society ICSP, a group of Iraqi / s, and received a certificate of training in the field. 2. Two sessions of training of trainers / s (TOT) in the area (leadership), the first implementation of the INMAA for Development 7

Organization of International Relief and Development IRD and the second implementation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports / Government of the Kurdistan region of a group of young people / s, and received a certificate of training in the field. B. Posts in training sessions Arab or international: - Number of Posts: 3 posts .. 1. Phase I: April 2007 training session for trainers / s in monitoring and documenting human rights violations and reporting on human rights implementation of the Arab Institute for Human Rights and the United Nations Office for Project Services and the European Union in the Jordanian capital Amman, and received a certificate of training from the Arab Institute for Human Rights The United Nations Office for Project Services. 2. Phase II: June 2007 training session for trainers / s in the area of monitoring and documenting human rights violations and reporting on human rights implementation of the Arab Institute for Human Rights and the United Nations Office for Project Services and the European Union in the Jordanian capital Amman, and received a certificate of training from the Arab Institute for Human Rights The United Nations Office for Project Services. 3. Participating in the leadership of the International Visitors in the United States of America for a month at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of America, in the leadership of student and civic responsibilities and represented the North, was accompanied by two colleagues from central and southern Iraq, and we visited the State Department and the U.S. Congress and the White House and the Ministry of Justice and a number of universities including George Washington and California St. Louis, Boston and supported the dealer and Harvard and a number of general secondary schools and a large number of non-governmental organizations and the program in four states (Washington, DC, California, Sandy, Leko, St. Louis, Boston Masyuhits counterfeiters). 4. Training session for trainers / s (TOT) on (research needs of the community) PRA implementation of the United Nations Office for Project Services, UNOPS for the month of September 2009, and received a certificate of training in the field. Third: the training activities carried out in the field of human rights as a coach in the field of monitoring and documenting human rights violations: International activities: - Give lectures in the training workshops, to selected organizations, Jordanian and Iraqi students and young people, within the training program (Phase I and Phase II), accompanied by the Arab Institute for Human Rights and the United Nations Office for Project Services in the Jordanian capital of Amman, about: o Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). o fair trial o Racial Discrimination o International Bill of Human Rights, (I was the first Iraqis to provide a workshop for students of University of Jordan in Amman). - Volunteer activities with the participation of student leaders in the United States in schools and universities, including the eradication of 

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